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Terms of Use

Please note the following terms of use for this site:

  • Sellers listing items on this page must ensure product description accurately matches the item for sale and there is no misleading information given to the buyer.
  • This site is purely a platform for buyers to contact sellers of predominantly secondhand gel ball items. This site or its owners will not become involved in the buyer / seller relationship or step in if issues arise with the quality of the products sold. It is up to the buyer to research items for cost and quality purposes and the seller to ensure item/s listed match actual item description and condition.
  • Only items or products that relate to gel ball and gel blasters will be posted on this site. Listing items such as air soft guns and firearms is prohibited. All posts are screened for compliance and such ads will not be listed.
  • Gel blasters have only been classified as legal to buy and own in Queensland and South Australia
  • Gel blasters (or parts, including gear boxes and receivers) submitted for sale on this site in states and territories where there is no clear indication of legality to buy or own – such as Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Western Australia and Northern Territory – will not be listed. If unsure, please refer to your weapons and licensing authority for further clarification. Gel balls and other related gel blaster accessories can still be listed.